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Our staffing levels will be based on our residents’ needs and are constantly monitored and adjusted to ensure continuity and quality of care.

Our registered nurses (registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Register Australia - APHRA) will be supported by enrolled nurses and personal care staff; all of whom are qualified at a minimum Certificate 3 level.

Our clinical care team will be supported by a strong multi-disciplinary team including general practitioners, allied health professionals and specialist services.

  • Registered Nurses are on duty at our homes 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • In-house and visiting allied health services
  • In house General practitioner
  • Pharmaceutical services

There will be a comprehensive activity program meet all residents needs and choices:

  • In-house activities
  • Engaging local singers and bands
  • Shopping trips and bus outings
  • Winery and picnic trips
  • 2 facility buses which have wheelchair accessibility
  • Hairdressing salon

Our catering department will service all dietary requirements and preferences.

  • Rotating 4 week seasonal menu cooked on site
  • Menu reviewed by a dietitian
  • Consultation with resident regarding choices, likes and dislikes.

All personal clothing is to be laundered on site and our environmental staff will attend to room and general cleaning.

Residential aged care is through the assessment of an Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS). It doesn’t matter where you live in Australia the assessment is valid for all Commonwealth Aged Care facilities throughout Australia.

Our capable executive and administrative staff are able to assist you with any enquiry that you may have , whether it be a general enquiry, how to access the Aged Care Assessment team or the costs of daily care.

We are here to help.